Monday, 4 March 2013

Every Day's a School Day.

Ah, The Boy Wonder.

He was with us last weekend and there was a pretty good exchange of life lessons.

For my part, I educated him in the value of never making a bet that you can't be sure of winning. I had to drop him off for one of his many social engagements on Saturday and on the way we stopped off to buy some blinds for a couple of the bedrooms. He was convinced that they wouldn't fit in the boot of the car. I was pretty sure they would* but he was like a dog with a bone with the idea as we ambled back across the busy Saturday-afternoon-shopping-centre-carpark.

"OK" I said, in my best Wiley Old Fox tones, "if you're so sure I'll make a bet with you. If they won't fit in the boot I will do the Gangnam Style dance in the carpark. If they do, you have to do it."

He considered for a moment, but the prospect of his dad making an arse of himself in  the middle of the Saturday Shopping Experience was too much for him to let go. He stuck out his hand and we shook.

After a few moments of panicked jiggling and some judiciously applied force, the boot lid shut and I grinned at him.

Yes I made him do it. I now know that the dance is even funnier when performed by a seven-year old with an expression on his face that just says 'one day I will pick your care home'.

It wasn't all one way on the learning front though. I now know that it is possible to burp your way through the entire alphabet. Apparently Q is the most difficult letter.

I am a proud father indeed.


* - OK, OK, it hadn't even crossed my mind that they might not actually fit in the car until they were bought, paid for and TBW raised the notion as we walked back to the car.