Saturday, 17 January 2015

First Among Equals

If you were to ask me, I'd tell you that I am not an overly competitive person. This is a statement that for the most part I feel I could justify with numerous examples of 'it's-more-about-the-taking-part' from my life's meanderings.

However, every now and then something bypasses all the social conditioning that I and my environment have put upon me over the last forty-ahem years and taps directly into the part of my brain that just wants to be the fastest or the strongest or the biggest-woolly-mammoth-killingest bloke in the world. Sometimes it's fairly predictable stuff (see many posts about marathon training), sometimes it's a bit more left field.

This time it's beards.

I started growing one just after Christmas after a bit of cajoling from Mrs A and I have taken to it quite cheerfully, but now it would seem that it has become a source of personal pride. Mrs A tried to tame it this morning with conditioner and I was pleased to note that it paid not one jot of heed to her fancy hair product fripperies, refusing steadfastly to be anything other than bristly.

Later, I spotted a fellow beardy in the supermarket and immediately realised that this was the new focus of my competitive streak. His beard was better than mine and I vowed to out-beard him.

All this would have seemed a lot more manly, I suppose, had I not spotted him putting hummus into his shopping basket whilst I was looking at the olives.


Sunday, 4 January 2015


So here's a little test. I'm hopeful that attached to this post will be a particularly fine example(!) Of DoF, taken using a proper camera (remember them?), and then fired to my phone via the wonders of a wireless SD card (my Christmas present from a particularly nice child) to my phone, which then fired it to the cloud, which then made it available as blog-fodder.


This is all because the photog in me wants a bit more control, a bit better quality shot than a camera phone (even a good one) will allow whilst the lazy bloke in me can't be arsed with all the faff of cables and adaptors blah blah blah. First world problems right?

So, to summarise this post:

Photo - meh.
Words - nowt special.
Opportunities for decent pics from upcoming travels to send to blog - priceless.

Oh, and happy new year. I hope 2015 is great for all of us.