Friday, 13 March 2015


A long overdue post........

We've been travelling again.

This time it was a Northern trajectory that took us to Copenhagen and deposited us at Norreport station in the freezing cold sleet and wind, armed only with a vague sense of where our hotel was, a wheely carry-on case (mainly containing 3 bottles of wine) and a complete lack of appreciation of the ferocious amount of small-wheel-unfriendly cobbles that lay between us and our hotel room. Thankfully the nice people at the hotel we were booked into let us into the room early so we were able to dry out, warm up and get our bearings.

Unbeknownst to me when we booked the trip, there was a sightseeing bus trip included in the price. I'm not usually one for these things (most of my favourite traveller's tales come from when I've been comprehensively lost under my own steam), but it was peeing down and we decided that we'd at least use the bus. The highlight of the ride was the recorded tour guide describing The Little Mermaid in a Pathe-news-style delivery as 'small, unimpressive and frankly disappointing'. The bus driver, who was Spanish, told us he preferred the 'booby mermaid' statue further out of town.

We went to a whole bunch of galleries and museums, we crossed over to Sweden via the

├śresund bridge where Mrs A and I ate nachos and drank eye-wateringly expensive lager in an Irish bar (at least it was Carlsberg). We wandered for hours in rain and wind an sunshine, we ate piss-poor pizzas in a hipster foodmarket (apple and celeriac? WTF?), We loved Ameliaborg and Chistianborg, but were massively underwhelmed by Nyhaven and Christiania. We acquired several interesting mementos including some jolly small vases, a candle schmoozed from a cafe and a warm coat.

Oh, and I took a few photos.