Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Pursuit Of.

Today I am relaxed.

I have 99 problems* to deal with at home but right now as I pick out the letters on my trusty, beloved, soon-to-be-replaced iPhone in the manner of middle aged folks everywhere** I have:

The woman I love next to me on a sun lounger reading a book in the sunshine on her kindle (this makes her, and consequently me, happy)

2 of the 4 kids playing a game on the Nintendo DS on the veranda (this makes them, and consequently me, happy)

A cold beer getting colder in the pool (this makes me very happy)

4 pizzas warming in the oven (this makes us all very happy)

In summary, I am happy.


* - Actually I only have one major problem, but Jay-Z had his own agenda with song titles. Bloody selfish rap icons.

** - You know, you do it too. The excruciatingly slow tippety-tap, complete with almost accusatory finger pointing as you try to find the letter you're looking for, that makes anyone under the age of 20's head explode with frustration.

1 comment:

  1. Let's see.....loved ones, food, drink, sunshine.....doesn't get much better really does it?..have fun x