Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Insert Interesting Title Here

I find myself in a peculiar and quite unusual predicament.

I have a list of things to record for posterity as long as your arm at the moment. Some funny, some nostalgic, some just plain weird. Content is not my issue.

No. My issue is not being able to find a place to start, finding a flow to the jumble of stuff that's in my head just now. Maybe it's because I've not really blogged so much of late, maybe it's because I've just hit a rich seam of sitting on my arse and not doing stuff.

I'm sure once the dam is breached I'll find my voice again and it'll all find its way merrily into the ether, where it can be duly ignored by the world at large, read only by the beautiful and rich of spirit. Yup, that's you.

So, what should I write first?

  • The Dangers Of Acting The Goat In The Supermarket or Fury Has A Fancy Handbag.
  • The Quick Way Down or A Salutary Tale Of Knowing Where You Stand.
  • Argh! My Eyes! or It's Not Just The UV Rays You Need To Worry About.

I'd appreciate a bump to get me going. Your thoughts, as always, would be most welcome.



  1. Is Fury the Mrs C? I would like to hear about that one please. As to your predicament I inhabit the same place myself...........but I am told that there should be a start a middle and an ending with most things........ps has the house sold yet? x

  2. I think they all refer to Mrs C...and she can only defend herself if you put it down on paper (or web). Always best to start at the beginning, so I suggest earliest first...

  3. They all sound quite intriguing.....so come on then. Get going. ...

    1. Mrs C would like to say, for the record, that NONE of them are about her. He has only himself to blame for all of them...