Friday, 30 August 2013

A Bit Of A Trot.

Back when I started this blog I was right in the teeth of big long training runs in preparation for the London marathon. I would, 4 times a week, pull on my trusty trainers and run. My short runs at the time were 5 milers and the long runs by that point were between 15 and 20 miles.

Through wind and rain I ran, past most of Leicestershire’s  assorted weirdos, yappy dogs and (from time to time) hookers. And I enjoyed it in a perverse kind of way (the running, not the hookers). I even used to throw up from time to time, so I knew I was doing something right.

After the big day I decided to have a few weeks off my feet to let my knees and ankles recover, which turned into months. I tried to get myself started again, but just never quite made it stick. Oh, I know there are a million and one reasons that I could point to for not getting off my arse, but at the end of the day they’re all just excuses. I could have found the time if I’d put my mind to it.

So inspiration finally struck a few months ago when I had the bright idea of entering the Robin Hood half marathon.

It’ll give me the target I need to motivate me, I thought.

So far my training schedule has consisted of creating a spreadsheet detailing run distances and dates, taking account of rest days and tailoring long runs around when The Boy Wonder is with me. It really is rather good and has coloured in bits and everything I have entirely ignored this plan and instead opted for a handful of 3 mile jogs when the weather’s sunny/I can be arsed and a huge amount of sitting on a sofa looking out of the window.

Mrs A, on the other hand, has been steadily knocking off the miles on a weekly basis.

My current plan is to do a 10 miler sometime over the next few days and if I make that in one piece, not to sweat it. What could possibly go wrong?

So at the end of September I will be standing beside a focussed and prepared Mrs A at the start line in Nottingham with my usual ill-prepared cheeriness. Wish me luck, because I suspect I’ll need it.

Oh, and if you fancy adding to the pressure I’m trying to raise a few quid for a phenomenal local hospice called LOROS. They looked after my Dad in his last few days and were quite frankly ace. The link to my Just Giving page is here:



  1. You've got the trots?

    Good luck with your preparations...I'm deeply impressed with your approach. If it's not down on a spreadsheet, there's enormous chance of error.

    The only thing is...and this is really important. Imagine the humiliation if Mrs A beats you. Suggest you have a word with her before hand...

  2. Not got the trots yet, but by the time we get there who knows?

    Eating biscuits, drinking too much and being lazy isn't in the spreadsheet but I'm doing them anyway. It's the way I roll....