Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Future's Not Ours To See

I have The Boy Wonder this weekend and he's as entertaining as ever. Here's an extract from the drive home on Friday night:

Me: So how's your week been, fella?

TBW: It's been really good, we went swimming at school and I got to dress up as a Roman when we went to Bosworth Battlefield*.

Me: Well it sounds like you had a pretty ace week then.

TBW: I'm having my best year ever.

Me: Wow! I didn't realise things were as good as that. Why the best year ever?

TBW: Well I'm learning interesting stuff at school and my arch-nemesis doesn't recognise me anymore**.

The Boy Wonder is 7.

I often wondered what TBW would be when he grew up. I'd hoped for something cool and well paid for him but I never figured on him being a superhero.


* - Yes, I know that The Battle of Bosworth was a civil war affair, but I guess they just had an offer on for the Roman outfits that day.

** - After further questioning it turns out that his arch-nemesis is in fact a girl who once stood on him whilst wearing roller skates, so I suspect it's less a case of not recognising him and more a case of not being interested in him. Besides, standing on someone whilst wearing roller skates is a pretty piss poor power for any self respecting super-villain. 

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  1. You must be glad he didn't go swimming dressed up as a Roman....