Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hello Sailor.

Today I had to head south on business, an appointment that didn't fill me with joy given the recent weather. I was delayed in setting off by an overenthusiastic German colleague wanting a chat about valves which did little to cheer me up.

However, by the time I hit a largely empty M5 the sun was shining, with barely a cloud in the sky apart from those clipping the tops of The Malvern Hills. I had some tunes on the radio and a road almost to myself.

The sun glistened off the wet tarmac and as I crossed the River Avon (which looked about four times the width it should be) I happened to check my wing mirror as I overtook a slower car. The spray from the surface water kicked up by my car caught the bright sunlight at just the right angle and it looked for all the world like a rainbow was shooting out of my arse.

Days like this can only be good, right?



  1. When the sun does come out it feels even brighter!
    Hope you're not travelling tomorrow, another nasty storm is coming in.

  2. Hi there, The Malvern Hills are always stunning - great post because this is really about appreciating the (work) journey and not just saving enjoyment for special occasions! (and tolerating talk of valves)

  3. Sx - ah it was all fine I was just weathering storms in the office...

    ALW - find the joy!

  4. lol........there are worse things viewed from certain angles. Colourful and curvy is a bonus!

  5. H - sometimes we should be grateful for small mercies I suppose...