Friday, 11 April 2014

Moving On.

Well, it was fun on blogger, but the frankly woeful app for my beloved Android technojiggerypokery stopped me from blogging as I would have liked on my recent jaunt, which has driven me to new shores.  I have, in short, decamped to Wordpress.

My blog is here;

I've moved the whole blog and set up everything so that I still get to read you posts and I'd love to see you over on the dark side, to kick off with tales of travels to sunny climes and more day-to-day claptrap to follow.

Hopefully see you there.




  1. I cheated on Blogger, rather unceremoniously, for a year with another website - just sodded off! Guess I missed the place more than I thought I would so returned and settled. At least you're letting everyone know your whereabouts!!