Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Birthday Boy

Today the Boy Wonder turned 9. I haven't written much about him of late (although that's mainly because I haven't written much about anything), but suffice to say that I am proud of him beyond measure.

Tonight we went out for something to eat and a bit of chit chat, he devoured a sticky toffee pudding (supplied complete with birthday candle by the very nice waitress) in the manner of a Labrador that's found an unattended box of biscuits and told me how many years left until he's allowed to drive. This gave me The Fear and made me feel old.

Happy birthday Sunshine, keep smiling and the road will rise to meet you.



  1. Do not play the how old is my child top trumps with me, you amateur!! Many happy returns to TBW x

  2. Many happy returns to the son and heir...what a smashing photo..x

  3. Happy Birthday young lad. Just tell him how much the insurance will cost him...

  4. AG - Ah but you look better on it

    Libby - Thanks, I think the Specsavers sticker adds a little something

    NB - By the time he gets there we won't be allowed to drive for ourselves anymore so I'm not sure how the insurance companies will fleece us then?