Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Post Zero

Well well, my very first post.

I guess I should start out with a long, deep introspection of my reasons for starting to blog. A raison d'etre for my putting pixel to plasma, but I suspect the resulting long, long list list would be very, very dull.

Suffice to say a photographic project and some cajoling by a blogging black belt buddy (dontcha just love alliteration?) got me to thinking about recording the day to day stuff that concerns me. I am a serial failee at diary keeping, but I have a nostalgic streak a mile wide that makes me keep trying.

Hopefully my impressively short attention span will be balanced by my love of a new adventure, technology and all things internet-y, resulting in more than 3 posts.

Time will be the judge of that.


1 comment:

  1. Am I being a numpty because I can't figure out what NDC means or am I just being lazy and hoping you'll tell me? I have an enquiring mind.