Monday, 24 January 2011


I like to think I'm a lucky man.

I have my shares of ups and downs, sometimes I feel very hard done by, but on the whole I think that the sun shines on my life.

  • I have a son who is the absolute apple of my eye.
  • I am at the beginning of an adventure that will last a lifetime.
  • I have a (complicated) family that are frankly incredible - and I mean that in a very good way.
  • I have no idea what my doctor's name is.
What's brought all this dippy-hippy sentimental malarkey on, you may well ask.

Well. I'm currently engaged in a project to document a year of my life through one photo per day. If you use Flickr, you'll know the gig.

Last night I spotted a rather nice composition sitting on the chest of drawers. A moment's work with the iPhone and this is the result:

Mo Chridhe 20/365

I was just looking for something that spoke about the day, and necklaces had been the subject of much discussion over the weekend so it seemed (in a rather prosaic way) to be a relevant image.

I know there are some details that might be better, but the sentiment of the thing speaks volumes to me. Hell, even the lighting is warm due to the iPhone's woeful white balance algorithms.

It says way more to me than the effort expended on making the image would merit.

To quote the illustrious Dirk Gently, "Sometime we don't end up where we intended to go, but we get to where we need to be".



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  1. My Grampa always called me the apple of his eye, it's an expression that's very dear to my heart.

    Nice pic, will you post your photo here every day?