Friday, 15 April 2011

Ready your meal and eat heartily - for on Sunday we dine in hell.

Well London actually.

At this moment I am sitting in my office, merrily shovelling paella into my mouth. Nothing particularly alarming in that, until you consider that my food intake today has been:

  • A large bowl of porridge
  • A round of toast & honey
  • A chocolate cookie
  • The aforementioned paella (large)
Still to come today is a bowl of pasta and probably a couple of other things later on. I love my food, but I'm struggling.

All this is carb-loading for the big day on Sunday. The Virgin London Marathon. And this will be the last blog post before heading down to That There London tomorrow.

It's been a long slog to get here, I worked out some numbers for my training last week that surprised me quite a bit:

  • 480 miles run
  • 87 hours running said miles
  • 58,000 calories burned

The training has been full of highs and lows too:

I was quite surprised at the start of the caper that I could actually run more than a mile without stopping.

I have experienced the joy of running in the warm late summer sunshine through the beautiful Leicestershire countryside and the misery of having to pry myself out of a warm bed to run 15 miles in the freezing cold winter rain.

I have learnt that I run best when I'm angry.

I have seen and heard things on night runs through the city that made me run just a little faster.

I can sometimes be a little competitive.

Sunday's target has taken up a huge amount of my life over the past 6 months or so and by extension has had a significant impact on those around me. The support that I have had has been fantastic and I know that without it I would have had a much harder time keeping going through the winter.

And for those of you that have commented on my "it's-so-tough-running" posts, thank you. You have helped more than you realise too.

Wish me luck!



  1. We cannot imagine how tough it has been but we know that you will enjoy it (I know..define the word enjoy!) and feel a great sense of achievement and pride afterwards. Looking forward to seeing you both again soon...and maybe you in the throng on the sure to beat the guy in the diving suit! good luck xxx

  2. I could do with burning 58,000 calories, it's just the other bits I might struggle with! Best of luck for your run....are you wearing anything that will make you easy to spot and cheer for?