Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blood, Sweat and (nearly) Tears

Here it is. The distillation of 6 months of commitment through all the training. Of nearly 6 hours of focus on the day, refusing to give up. Of quite a lot of running.

On 17th April 2011 I ran what may well be the only marathon I ever run. I was amazed, amused and humbled by the people who I passed and who passed me.
  • The guy dressed up as a second world war fighter pilot (complete with pipe).
  • The two guys carrying a full size surfboard.
  • The 2 girls who span hulahoops for the entire distance (at a pace that I struggled to stay with).
  • The several Army and Firefighter guys in full kit
  • The guy in full Bomb Disposal kit (the real deal, complete with bombproof armour and helmet).
I salute you all. You all have a grit and determination that is just astonishing.

But as for my little adventure, well there were a few high points. Stopping on the course just before the finish line to see The Boy Wonder in the crowd, running back to give him a hug and seeing how excited he was is something I will never forget. 

So for now, I have my feet up, a bag of frozen peas strategically placed to reduce the pain and I'm looking forward to joining  FMA on holiday next week. No more running.

For now.



  1. Well done mister!! We were wondering how you got on and were going to text you (but did'nt have a #..duh)and did'nt see you on tele....
    How fantastic it must feel for you to know that you trained hard and then did something so wonderful...and seeing your lad at that point must have been just amazing....so well done again!Looking forward to seeing you both soon and hearing all about the day. Enjoy the holiday with FMA and give everybody our love....x

  2. Thanks Libs! I probably didn't make it onto the TV because of the almost constant stream of profanities being unsuitable for broadcast before 9pm :)

  3. I am in awe (seriously). Well done!

  4. Thanks CQ, it was one of the toughest things I have ever done both mentally and physically. I spent the last 5 miles wishing it was over and then at least a couple of hours afterwards wishing it wasn't.

    Luckily, sanity has started to return. Although I think its grip on me is tenuous to say the least....