Friday, 6 May 2011

Sticky Fingers

On Wednesday evening I had spare time. This is always a dangerous thing for me. The phrase "The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands" could have been written with me in mind.

I could have done a million and one useful things. I had a pile of washing to do, I could have listed all the crap that I have to offload on Ebay, I could have got some actual work done. Hell, I could have spent time considering solutions to the current strife in the Middle East. I could have. But did I?


Instead I sat mesmerised by this;

Now that the need to stay completely injury-free is gone I can resist no longer. Climbing shoes, chalkbag and lairy shorts have been located and stuffed into a rucksack. My outdoors partner in crime is up for it. Leicester climbing wall is making sure the local A&E is on speed dial.

I wish I could say that I will be recreating the athletic beauty and explosive power of those in this video but I suspect that the summary of my first climb in a long time next week will more likely be "Short on ability, long on entertainment".

Leo Houlding is probably not concerned.



  1. Y'see, I didn't notice any fat/over 55yr old ladies up on that there wall............which is why I looked at it and thought NOOOOOOOOOOO...not me.
    Do you need a spiderman costume now though??

  2. Libs - my thoughts exactly, it's a sport for the young, thin and beautiful. Will we just eat cake and drink gin?

  3. that sounds like my kind of fun....

  4. There is not enough money in the world to get me up there....

  5. Libby - I have a Spiderman costume, but I only use it on very special occasions.

    AG - well I qualify as one out of three. I'll just have to blag the rest.

    CQ - what's the worst that could happen?? Oh...wait...