Monday, 30 May 2011

A lovely weekend

This weekend I have had an absolutely wonderful time and something happened that made me very, very happy.

Unfortunately I have been slapped with what passes for a Super Injuction around these parts, and a fate worse than incarceration will befall me if I share it with you.

So unless you know any MPs who feel the need to make a stand on a point of principle, you'll just have to wait until it leaks out on Twitter.



  1. Glad you had a wonderful time......and of course am very curious now.
    I don't 'twit'.....or 'tweet'......but my email works! x

  2. ooh did you shag Ryan Giggs too?

  3. Libby - my lips are sealed (I have no wish to speak in a falsetto voice), but I'm sure if you badger the right people for long enough they'll crack ;)

    AG - Uh oh, are you allowed to say that without going to jail? If the police cart you away I could always bake you a cake with a file in it if you'd like...

  4. This is classed as NEI (not enough information). What will it take to make you spill?

  5. I'd need a place on the CQ Witness Protection Program, £1m in unmarked, non-sequential notes and a helicopter.

    I'd also like a bowl of olives and some freshly baked ciabbatta, but I'm willing to negotiate on that bit.