Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Importance of being, Ernest

A while ago, The Dad developed quite an interest in elephants. The first one turned up with fairly little ceremony and spent some time on a table in the lounge. He's always had an eclectic taste in 'stuff', so I thought no more about it.

Then a smaller one turned up and he started to get quite enthusiastic about the whole genre. He now will drop on any oppportunity to show off his collection of pachyderms like some slightly demented David Attenborough.

I should point out that these are carved wooden thingummys, although I wouldn't be entirely surprised if one day I turn up at his house and he's managed to source a real one from somewhere....

Yesterday he went for a CT scan.

Today we get the results.

Wish him luck, I know what I said a while ago about my family having a lucky streak, but if you have any to spare, please send it his way.

Failing that, send elephants.



  1. Good luck...from a man who collects yellow rubber ducks and lives with a woman who collects hares....

  2. Thank you both, much appreciated