Thursday, 1 September 2011


Edited highlights of an overheard conversation between a group of blokes whilst waiting for a cup of coffee this morning. Text in yellow is what was going through my head.....

"Dave's swimming the Channel for charity in a few weeks."
Wow, that's some feat at any time, but given that it's now September and the weather is cooling down it's even more impressive. Nice one Dave, when I get my coffee I'm going to give you a few quid.

"Actually, we're going to be swimming the equivalent distance in a pool, but it sounds better if we just say we're swimming the Channel, doesn't it?"
Hmmm. Well OK, it's still quite an undertaking. I don't think I could swim 21 miles, even in a pool. Actually Dave, you don't look that fit to me......

"Yeah, there's ten of us doing it, we'll do a mile each, go and have a cuppa and then do another mile later. But we're not telling anyone that bit 'cos we won't get the money if we do, will we?"

I suppose if the swimming doesn't work out, Dave might try his hand at marketing.



  1. I am now overimpressed you managed to get your thoughts in yellow.
    Obviously I'd like my comment in pink but I am technologically challenged, indeed I am struggling to comment on anyone's blog due to who the feck knows

  2. ooh i did manage to comment although it doesn't have my wee picture, which is probably a blessing for t'internets really

  3. You're right...I would somehow feel cheated if I had given to his Channel swim charity and this is what happened instead.....
    ps.hope pa is ok
    pps talking of fancy colour on your old lady eyes can hardly read this black/white and grey version!

  4. My mum, 76, did this in her local pool. If it's any consolation, she did it as a way of making her swim more often, rather than as a fundraiser.

  5. AG - if it makes you feel any better I have spent the last 5 minutes trying to post this comment in pink, and failed.

    Libby - I will look at a blog makeover when I have a little time....

    HF - Fair play to your mum, I just hope when I get to 76 I will still be doing stuff like that.