Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Apochryphal Lyrics part I

Ronan Keating knows nothing.

Life isn't a rollercoaster.

Sure, they scare the bajeesus out of you with their plunging drops and their rapid turns, maybe even turn you upside down and empty the cash from your pockets occasionally, but here's the problem with the analogy: When you clamber into your seat, you know exactly what the destination is before you start, you know you'll be fine. Being on a rollercoaster is, at heart, a passive experience. You're just along for the ride.


Life is a 1964 AC Cobra 427 in blue with white racing stripes.

Life is a bright red Ducati 916 with track use only Temignonis and racing slicks.

Life is a 17HH chestnut thoroughbred with an attitude problem.*

In short, if you have the skill and strength of will to control it, life is exciting and unpredictable. The destination could be anywhere, each day could take you to new places, flood your system with adrenaline, make you feel as though you are king of the world.

Unfortunately it also means that if your attention wanders life will mercilessly spit you into a ditch, land on top of you and make things very very unpleasant, very quickly. And for all that, I'm still glad that I have hold of the steering wheel/handlebars/reigns.

Although just now I'd be quite happy with a Ford Focus for a while.


* - The more observant amongst you will know that this statement marks the absolute outer limit of my equine-knowledge envelope.


  1. Now I didn't really understand most of that, me no speaky boytalk

  2. Hmmmm, I know nothing about horses either but I think I get your drift. Hope things are back on an even keel soon.

  3. I'll take the car. I'll take the bike. But really, the horse? They have minds of their own that would definitely get me into a lot of trouble, and ditches. Good song though.

  4. AG - maybe the analogy would stretch to impossibly high but beautiful to look at shoes? My knowledge of such things is woefully lacking.

    CQ - Thanks, hopefully things are coming under a little more control now.

    NB - The bike and the car for me too. I've always been deeply suspicious of being aboard anything fast and sentient. The lack of handlebars/brakes also worries me.