Thursday, 15 September 2011

If You Can Keep Your Head When All About Are Losing Theirs....

Apparently, planking is old news. The way that the future of our country keep themselves amused these days is by 'horsemanning'.

The principle is simple; one person lays down with their head out of sight, another hides behind something so that just their head is showing and pulls a suitable face. A third captures the scene for posterity.

I suppose at least this is a little more sociable, involving three people in comparison to the two required for planking, but honestly, who would waste their time with such inane nonsense?




  1. Yes completely ridiculousness nonsense. What a stupid waste of time.

    Oh oh oh. I see what you've done in that picture there. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

  2. Have to admit that I want the kids to have a go at this...looks great!