Tuesday, 4 October 2011

It's a no from me.

I arrived home on Sunday morning to find this waiting on my doormat.

And to be honest, although a big chunk of me is relieved, a small but quite vocal part of me is quite disappointed.

I bet that small but quite vocal part of me will STFU come January though, when I can just sit around on my fat arse and eat biscuits, instead of going out in the rain and sub-zero temperatures looking like a cross between Max Wall and an advert for road safety in order to do a 15 mile run.



  1. Let me understand this...you are not training (cold wet tired accosted by hookers) and not running a marathon? (lots of people, pain, tiredness etc.,) and there is a bit of you that is sorry about that?...mmmmmmm bet it is a small bit.....otherwise you are crazy! crazy I tell you!!! eat biscuits...drink tea...glue your arse to the couch!! its the only way...trust me I am an expert...............

  2. Libby, this comment made me hoot with laughter! I will break out the superglue immediately, but I'll let you explain to the FMA what has happened to her couch.

    Also, I can confirm that I am not crazy. Several of the voices in my head have assured me of this.