Monday, 31 October 2011

A Girl's Best Friend

Yesterday, sitting in traffic with The Boy Wonder we were talking about cars. He's a real car nut already and we often play 'name that car'. In front of us, at the traffic lights, was a Megane.

Me: Do you know what make that car is?
TBW: It's a Renault. I don't like the logo very much.
Me: Well, it's just a diamond shape isn't it. I don't suppose it's very interesting.
TBW: Not for me. But ladies like diamonds don't they?

You'll go far son.



  1. You're a great dad - you're obviously bringing him up really well!

  2. Oh that boy is SO going to be popular! Now have you spoken to him about the other components in the holy trinity for girls? Cake and shoes??

  3. They do that they do. But not Renault Meganes.

  4. Nice to meet you, came though Mum's Gone to...(or was it Libby or Curry Queen). Wo, good comeback and snappy skills.

  5. CQ - Thanks. I figure since he's inherited my genes I have to redress the balance by doing my best for him ;)

    Libby - I feel qualified to give instruction on cake and it's effect on the female population but, even at 41, I still don't have a clue about what makes a good lady's shoe.

    NB - I suspect the French only make them to spite us.

    ALW - Welcome! Nice to have you here, whatever route you took. The Boy Wonder is the king of the one-liners (usually unwittingly, but hey it still counts, right?)

  6. Also, apologies for the grocer's apostrophe above. I shall go and hurl myself on a sharpened exclamation mark immediately and seek forgiveness from the gods of punctuation.