Thursday, 3 November 2011

Unsolicited Calls

This morning I had a telephone call from a gentleman called Stephen. He assured me that he was from E-on, but under close questioning revealed that he was actually from a company working on behalf of E-on. Quite whether E-on actually knew that this company was working on their behalf remained elegantly vague throughout the conversation. The fact that we are with E-on for our business energy suggests maybe not.

Anyway, surprisingly enough Stephen was keen to find out when our contract expired. I am quite experienced in these phonecalls as we get quite a few over the space of a week, so I told him that we had only just signed a new 2 year contract. At this point The Stephen usually realises the horse is dead, goes to find another one to flog and I can get on with whatever I was doing.

But not this Stephen.

"Do you have any other premises that may be coming to the end of their contracts?"

"Actually we do" I lied. "Would you like their phone number?"

Stephen cheerfully took down the number as I read it from the computer screen. Directly from the E-on website. It was clearly printed under the heading "Customer Enquiries".

"The guy you need to speak to is called Stephen" I added, in what I hope was a helpful manner.

He went cheerfully on his way to perform the telesales equivalent of placing two mirrors in front of each other and I went off happily to make a cuppa. Yes I know it's childish.



  1. Excellent! We get a lot of the photocopier people on the phone...

  2. NB - I bet you get loads of water cooler companies through the summer too.

    Libby - I love having a bit of sport with these folk, it must be quite tiring for them to be sworn at all day long so hopefully I make some of them smile too. Either that or infuriate the crap out of them.....

  3. Hilarious - and so much better than giving them a mouthful (tempting though that may be)!

  4. Wish I could do that to my kids when they start wittering on...oops I do.