Monday, 28 November 2011


Super, my favourite (and once again only) employee doesn't have kids. She isn't keen on them. She says they take up too much time, expense and emotional input. To be absolutely honest, that's my editorial interpretation of her views on children. The verbatim version has too many swearwords even for the interwebz.

Instead she has a dog. This, I am told on a regular basis, is in no way a child substitute.

Why yes, they are indeed pink socks. With little hearts on them.



  1. God in heaven - that dog looks sooooo ashamed...

  2. And it doesn't stop there...somewhere in the house there is a little wardrobe where there are teeny tiny jumpers and coats and little leggings...

  3. CQ - I know. I feel for its doggy self-esteem.

    Libby - I have seen photographic evidence that the dog has a raincoat. It is also pink.

  4. I guess he's in touch with his feminine side? Our office dog has to wear socks, otherwise he slips over on the wood floor. But then he's a ridiculous dog anyway...and knows it

  5. Yes he does looks embarrassed...the tails down the ears back...or he's done something very very naughty just around the corner

  6. She treats her dog way better than I treat my children

  7. NB - He's a she. I am impressed that you have an office dog though. What happens overnight?

    ALW - Maybe that's just a look of worry about what the next item of clothing will be?

    AG - The dog has the life of Riley