Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Every Day's a School Day.

Currently The Boy Wonder is sleeping the sleep of the just (or is he just asleep? I'm never quite sure), at my place.

We have tackled the three Rs tonight in a continued drive to educate and edify him:

In the car on the way over we were sitting at a T junction and he was reading the roadsign opposite. "Leicester Forest East, one and one quarter miles", he cheerfully stated. I was surprised and asked if he knew what a quarter was.

"It's a half of a half" he replied, without hesitation. I was impressed and decided to add to his already impressive knowledge. I told him it was called a fraction. he asked what a fraction was, so I told him that a fraction was a number smaller than one.

"Like zero?" he asked.

TBW - 1
Dad - 0.

Later we had to think up words with "oa", "ai" or "oi" in them and write them down. we came up with a good list and wrote them all down. I then drew this picture for him:

Yes, that's right. It's a gOAt on a trAIn track. I'm sorry to say that's my writing, not his.

Anyway, he laughed until tears were running down his face. I don't think the NUT will be looking to sign me up anytime soon (either for English or Art), but at least I feel like I levelled the scores a little.



  1. wOAh! AIn't you the clever one winning that last pOInt!

  2. All good parents should be able to make their children weep with laughter. You're on the right track. Sorry...

  3. Sorry, I was trying very hard to sort out my work laptop and failing miserably

  4. NB - Oh, that's good!

    CQ - Hah!

    AG - I thought that was an instruction on the next step in TBW's education.

  5. Quite the artist there mister aren't you? you do realise that come the teenage years you won't be quite so keen to do homework with him though? enjoy it now....

  6. Libby - I'm not over keen on homework now, so god help him when he hits his teens.

  7. Wow, you are the Jedi knight when it comes to parenting) and I'm the goat on the track (with a train coming). I'm so useless I can't even help my seven year old...

  8. ALW - I suspect I'm a Darth Vader kinda Jedi. I just hope he doesn't follow me to the dark side.