Tuesday, 6 December 2011


This blog is a funny old thing. Not funny har-har (please feel free to interject here...no? OK, I'll carry on...), but funny peculiar.

I started to blog as an online diary. I thought that it'd be good to look back in years to come at the things that concerned me now. I never really expected anyone to read it apart from me, possibly the FMA and hopefully, after I have shuffled off this mortal coil, The Boy Wonder. But somehow other folks have taken an interest in my ramblings too and as such I have started to wonder about the people who read this blog. I never really intended it to be for anyone other than myself, but that's the beauty of the internet. Sometimes it takes you where you need to be rather than where you intended to go.

As a result of this I occasionally have a wander through the stats - the numbers are laughably small in internet terms (who am I kidding? In any terms.) but the locations of people that read my scrawlings are pretty far flung and interesting. Is it you who is reading this in Sweden? Or maybe Hawaii? May I draw your attention to my blogger exchange program* whereby you get to visit me in the centre of the cultural universe that is Leicester and I return the compliment by visiting you in your sun-kissed/majestically beautiful locale. There's no need to thank me, I just take my reward from broadening people's horizons.

But in truth, wherever you are and for whatever reasons you actually read my claptrap, whatever drives you to comment, thank you. You are making this whole blogging thing rather good fun.


* - Priority may be given to bloggers located close to mountains/oceans/excellent wine cellars


  1. You're welcome. As you know we are not located in Paradise.......but always a welcome here for you.

  2. Thanks Libby, looking forward to Saturday :)

  3. I do believe that's the first time I have read cultural and Leicester in the same sentence

  4. My sitemeter often tells me I'm in Sheffield, perhaps it knows something that I don't!

  5. AG - Culture/mould....it's pretty much the same thing, right?

    SB - Perhaps you have an evil northern twin?

  6. I went to Leicester once. I saw Turin Brakes. That's culture.

  7. Ah Turin Brakes. Weirdly enough, Underdog came up on random as I was driving the other day. Love that song.