Thursday, 8 December 2011


Today my business partner has been wandering round the office wearing waterproof overtrousers.

I asked him at lunchtime why he would do that, given that he'd spent the whole day inside (apart from a wander out to empty his bin, although even that was under cover).

He told me that it's cold at 7am and gave me a look that conveyed, with succinctness and sincerity, that this was perfectly acceptable behaviour and no further questions should be asked.

The overtrousers are still in place.

I worry that one day this will all seem normal.



  1. I reckon he's covering up an earlier mishap... see if he wears them tomorrow.

  2. Maybe secretly he's doing the sauna sweat trying to lose his pre-holiday weight and get bikini-ready?

  3. What do you call a man who wears nylon waterproof overtrousers? Russell.

  4. Is it in case you spring a leak?

  5. SB - Oh, that's an image I don't want in my head, although I like it as a euphemism - "Scary? I should say so. I mishapped myself."

    ALW - Again, with the horrible mental images. I may have to pour bleach in my ears to try and get them out of my mind now.

    CQ - That genuinely made me chuckle. And yes, he did.

    NB - I do have a theory on the subject, but you probably have enough mental anguish to deal with after the comments of SB & ALW........

  6. Quite normal for Leicester, I should have thought

  7. I'll be honest and say that I have seen stranger things in Leicester over the years.