Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Busy Day

Today's to do list

Sit in a traffic jam for an hour þ

Wee in a pot þ

Watch a man shake pot vigorously and peer into it þ

Have man tell me in cheerful tones that I am not a drug abuser þ

Sit in another traffic jam þ

Get insulted by an old man (Note: Not wee-pot man) þ

Go to parents evening

Eat pizza and drink wine

As you can see, my day is definitely heading in the right direction now.



  1. Eighth activity on your list is definitely the best activity

  2. It turned out to be pizza and diet coke, but I'll take that.

  3. No wine? Piss poor day. (sorry).

  4. As long as your p looked almost colourless then don't worry!
    and how do you do those clever little boxes with ticks??

  5. CQ - Oh, that's good!

    Libby - it was far from colourless, I was very thirsty! The ticks were cut and pasted from a word document (crafty eh?)