Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I have just dipped a toe into the murky world of Twitter trends.

It is now my strongly held belief that teachers should spend more time explaining the difference between their/there/they're.



  1. Agreed, sir.

    I believe that when future societies look back on the written/typed/digital works of this time, they are going to think that we were struck by some massive "spelling bomb", and only those who weren't hit by the shrapnel are able to type coherently.

    Either that, or they'll be "O00h yeahz - look H0w thezz 0ld F@rts uzed 2 spek there leeters."

    God help us.

  2. Actually, I think teachers need to begin explaining the EXISTENCE of 'they're'...

  3. Dlae - They'll probably be referred to as 'future society's'. Sigh.

    CQ - I don't think I could be a teacher if my life depended on it.