Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fancy A Swift Half?

Tonight I pulled on my running shoes for the first time in a long long time. It felt good to be out again.

To be honest it was quite tough, there's been too many pies and wine and beer and biscuits for me to be straight back into the level I used to view as 'steady'. A short 2 miler that once served as a warm up and I could feel it. Not in my legs so much as my chest, to be honest I'm not quite sure what to make of this. I pushed myself moderately but not to anything approaching intense levels in either distance or speed (2 miles, 9.5 minute miles), but I guess it's a case of building back up slowly.

And I love the calmness of mind that comes when fitness and exertion balance. My mind is a wonderful/scary/bizarre/hilarious thing at the best of times but when I'm fit enough that legs and lungs just get on with it as the miles pass it tends to amuse itself with all sorts of peculiar stuff. On long runs in the past I have considered an array of stuff from the colour of smurfs to the secret commercial lives of large houses. I love the mental space to sort through a few of my trickier personal issues (yes, there are a few).

So the motivation for running in the dark and blustery rain? There's so many, but of particular interest is my propensity to eat cake and watch the tellybox. That, and I'm thinking I might fancy a half marathon later on this year, but we'll see on that.

In other news my blog is now just over 2 years old now. I really must read through a few old posts at some point, a lot has changed since Post Zero.



  1. I know the feeling...although my exercise of choice is cycle rather than running...my feet have always turned to lead at the thought of running...

  2. Well done you...... I wish I didn't love cake'n'tele so much...sigh....

  3. NB - I have multiple bikes, none of which have seen the light of day for some time. I really need to get them sorted out.

    Libby - The sofa's siren song is difficult to ignore.

  4. I run for the same reasons, mind space, food and drink. All this snow put me right back to zero just after getting upto speed again. Ah well will try thus weekend

  5. MW - I wish I could blame the snow, for me it's been months of apathy. Good luck for the weekend.

  6. I view swimming the same way - I can just plough up and down without thinking about it while my mind meanders off - refreshing!