Sunday, 20 January 2013


This morning was glorious. We spent the morning in bed, eating toast and drinking coffee and watching the snow fall outside our window. I wrestled with the Sunday Times sudoku, Mrs A trawled t'internet for a new house. After a while we played the 'No Maximum Budget' game on Rightmove.

We've learnt that we're not really aristocratic enough to suffer the stately home decor horror that is a £2m plus house. The £11m pile that we saw was beyond horrific.

Our happy hunting ground appears to be around the £1m to £1.5m properties. Mrs A leans towards the classy Victorian sympathetically restored property, I lean towards the Drug Dealer Chic end of the spectrum.

There was one property that piqued our interest, a large detached place that was on the market for around £500k, clearly worth significantly more, but 'priced to move'. We talked about making an offer based on our finances (which are somewhat adrift from this by a significant margin), briefly laughed like lunatics and had another coffee.

In the afternoon we painted the kitchen which now tone quite nicely in line with most of the rest of the downstairs, had a couple of glasses of wine and a bowl of pasta. 

All of which is a pretty good way to spend your day.

My fuckwit ex also had an input to our day, by way of making my son's life pretty miserable. Mrs A was, quite frankly, incredible but given the system's indifference to fathers being given equal billing, I am struggling to see how I can sort this out for him*


* - This'll probably be deleted soon. I think.


  1. I so wish I could say something to make you feel better but know this, you are an amazing dad and he absolutely know that you love the bones of him. As do we all.

  2. It'll work itself out. Kids are more astute than we give them credit for. Good luck both of you with the house-hunting x

  3. She is shaming herself by making her son unhappy....AG is right..he is a bright little thing who has unalterable love for and from his will work out xxx
    ps good luck with the house hunting xx

  4. Your day sounds idyllic. I fought a battle royal over my son at the time...he came out of it OK, and I'm sure yours will too. Mrs A is the right one to offer you support methinks...

  5. Good luck with the house hunting. I love a bit of property porn, me. I aspire to somewhere with an indoor pool...not much to ask, is it? As your son grows up, he will begin to see these machinations for what they are. Never fear!

  6. I am another Rightmove lurker... and I have imagined myself living in every type of house imaginable.
    Curry Queen is correct about your son being able to see clearly when he has hindsight.

  7. AG - Thank you my love.

    Ayak - I think you're right, he seems to deal with it considerably better than I.

    Libby - Thank you, you say very nice things

    NB - It was a brilliant day for most of it, and you're right about Mrs A, she just makes everything better.

    CQ - I think that's entirely reasonable. If I ever achieve such a thing you and The Shah are more than welcome to a dip.

    SB - We saw several that it would be best to only imagine living in with a therapist close at hand, such was the decor.