Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The lady I currently sit next to at work is a source of great amusement to me. Today she was in the mood to dispense advice.

In a Zen-like exchange, never ceasing from the keyboard tippety-tapping that comprises her job, she delivered a beautiful, succinct credo. Something that a chap can rely on in dark hours. A rock to anchor the psyche to.

"Cheer the fuck up."




  1. It's a line to be printed on to those motivational posters seen in many a corporate HQ

  2. I get into trouble when I use the fuck word at work....although so far so good I've only used it to colleagues. Bet she made you smile didn't she?

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  4. Maybe you could incorporate a curse in reply to the above commenter! Bloody hit and run advertising!

  5. NB - I think it would be so mangled into business-speak as to render it unintelligible.

    Libby - I think the general unspoken rule is that the F-bomb should only flow down the chain of command. She makes me chuckle hugely.

    Jaxson - Fuck you.

    Helena - See above - happy to oblige!

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