Thursday, 2 May 2013


I've been on a bit of an unintentional sabbatical from my blog over the last few months. family stuff, house buying and work stuff have all conspired to make me feel, on regular occasions, that I have been at the very epicentre of an explosion in the WTF factory and as a consequence I haven't really be posting much.

However, I think things may have turned the corner. Yesterday we (hopefully) agreed a completion date for our new home and  today is a gloriously sunny day. Even though at this moment I am sitting at my new desk in the office*, I know that tomorrow Mrs A and I will be heading North for a long weekend seeing friends and generally whooping it up. This makes me very cheerful indeed. I am aware that after today there may be little more sunshine to be seen until next week but to be honest I expect that the we will be mostly observing the weather through the window of coffee shops/galleries/cafes/restaurants or pubs.

I may even take a photograph or two.


* - It's a fancy corner desk by the windows, some have said the best seat in office. Guess who was drafted in to do some work when the bigwigs decided to rejig the seating plan on our floor.


  1. Congrats on house move and seating!
    I feel that blogging has changed a bit in the last year... and many of us are dipping in and out... and hopefully not dropping off the radar completely.

  2. Yes...what Scarlet said. x
    ps enjoy the beautiful country and say hello to your pals!

  3. Your previous " sage" blog entry made me smile BROADLY

  4. Do take pictures...and enjoy yourselves!

  5. Have we been having a hard time of late? Clearly I hadn't noticed, too busy scraping the WTF off the walls! ps Libby has tagged you so you will have to blog again this month :)

  6. Settling is often unsettling but worth the long haul nonetheless. I'm with Nota on this one, too!