Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Bad Penny

A couple of months ago I had a strop with blogger, I was upset because the app (which, ironically, this very post is being composed on) wasn't up to my expectations and because blogger doesn't let me fanny about with pictures in quite the way I'd like to when posting from anything other than a full blown PC (which is just so 2013, obvs*). Clearly this was a disaster of biblical proportions and so I jumped ship to WordPress.

But here's the thing.

It's just not the same. Oh I know that I have a million times more control over every little bit of code, I know that the app is a million times better than the blogger debacle (which feels like it was last updated in 2001), but it's just not the same. It feels like renting a fancy penthouse apartment instead of your small basement flat, but not being able to bring your comfy sofa and ask your mates round.

So I'm back. Normal service will be resumed and I'll even try to get the posts I wrote over there back over here (wish me luck!)

But if anyone can suggest a decent android blogging app that'll work with blogger I would be unreasonably grateful.


* - yes, I am fully aware of the irony of this comment on out-of-date stuff, given that it appears in a blog post of all things


  1. Did visit the penthouse once or twice...took my shoes off and everything...but feel much more comfy here.....welcome back x

  2. Yes, I've have a penthouse too. I know what you mean... it is too posh.... and people who read it expect me to make some sort of sense - which it challenging. Blogger seems to be more accepting of my nonsense.

  3. Libby - how very polite of you to take shoes off - you are well brought up indeed.

    Sx - I would never have darkened their doors had I known they were expecting sense from me.......

    AG - you know you missed me too.