Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Beautiful Game.

In the mornings on my drive to work I try to listen to the radio. I have 3 stations that I generally flick between until they annoy me:

Radio 1 - Could be either the music or Nick Bloody Grimshaw that tips me over the edge. Most likely to be Nick Bloody Grimshaw.

Radio 2 - Could be the music or Chris Evans that makes me change stations. Most likely to be Elton Bloody John.

Radio 4 - There is no music so it's usually John Bloody Humphrys.

However, today was top entertainment. 

Today, on Radio 4 of all places, there was a discussion about the salience of England's final game (due to be played today I believe) in the world cup. There was all sorts of in depth discussion about its effect on the nation's psychological wellbeing and parallels being drawn to tribal warfare, all delivered by a couple of folks who sounded much more likely to be discussing the influence of Byzantine architecture on post industrial urban landscapes than Rooney* being a bit crap.

It felt like listening to Brian Sewell discussing his deep love for Dubstep and Happy House.


* - OK, it's a fair cop. This is the only one I know.


  1. You have watched football TWICE since the world cup started. That is once too many with one to spare...

  2. Brian looks like he could have a secret dubstep passion to me......don't judge a book by its cover..just sayin'.......

  3. football on Radio 4? What is the world coming to? Anyway, how did we do?

  4. AG - I only watch it for the bitey ones.

    Libby - I can just see him right at the front of a Skrillex gig.

    NB - It's the beginning of the end, I reckon.