Friday, 15 July 2011


Some time ago, the frankly delectable FMA and I were having one of our deep & meaningful philosophical discussions;

"If you could have been in any band, which band would it be?"

I originally went for Jamiroquai, she started with The Sex Pistols. We eventually settled on Motorhead which was, we felt, a pleasing combination of very cool to outsiders, musically credible, but an absolute hoot to be a part of.

In reality, if I had one iota of musical talent, I would be far closer to this:

Better than the JT original? Oh, I think so.



  1. With no musical talent whatsoever, a musical career never beckoned for me. Motorhead....I can see that would have been a complete laugh, and I couldn't better it.

  2. But what would be the worst band to be part of?

  3. great stuff......aaah northern lads...gotta love em..........

  4. Loved that! Stereo recorders and kazoos - genius!

  5. NB - Oh, I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, so I was never going to be the next Robbie Williams either. Wait....what?

    AG - Definitely Coldplay, you'd have to be nice to Gwyneth.

    Libs - And northern lasses. Very northern ;)

    CQ - My favourite bits were the rap (being read from the sheet in a slightly embarrassed manner) and the look of boredom on his mate's face.