Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call?

The area where I live is a funny old place.

Mostly, when I mention it to people there is a raising of eyebrows and a bit of cooing. People are impressed by my postcode*, it is seen as one of the nicer areas of Leicester. I, however, find it a bit parochial and, well, very very old.

An example; There is a small row of shops and a couple of pubs on the 'main road'. A couple of years ago there was an application made to the local authorities for permission to open a chip shop (there are currently no takeaways of any description in the village). Cue much lobbying against the idea by the self appointed pillars of the community.

"It'll bring down the tone of the village!" they cried. "It will mean we will be over-run by hoodies and litter!" they wailed. I suspect that had they still got any of their own teeth left, they'd have gnashed them too.

The powers that be saw fit to turn down the application, but in the interests of compromise they agreed to allow one of the pubs to sell chips to be taken away. If you phone in advance to order them. I kid you not.

So imagine my delight when I saw this guy, smoking a fag, parked up in the village.

Yes, that does say 'paranormal investigations'. I wonder if he's worked out yet that the people in the village aren't actually dead, they're just behaving like they are?


* - This would be a much more impressive statement if I was in London. Leicester people get impressed from a much lower baseline.


  1. ooh you should live in LE2, no one gets impressed by my post code but I have supermarkets ( including a waitrose and a M&S food), plenty pubs, a very nice one just over the road, a costa coffee and more takeaways than you could ever want

  2. I live in a snotty Surrey town which has delusions of grandeur. There is indeed one of those ghastly "supermarkets" but at least it is a Waitrose dahling. When that dreadful Subway moved in recently there was almost a riot!*
    *Amongst teenagers trying to get in.

  3. My postcode isn't ever going to impress anyone.....ah well what are you gonna do.....

  4. AG - Surely the pubs should be the first thing on the list?

    CQ - There could never be a riot where I live - the police would get wind of it and be there mob handed before they'd even got their zimmerframes to the end of their (very nicely tended) drives.

    Libs - Your postcode impresses me (but please bear in mind I'm from Leicester ;))