Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Life on the Ocean Wave

Yusef, the guy who runs the corner shop just up the road from my business, supplier of milk, baked beans, chocolate, the occasional free mango and cheerful bonhomie in the face of  pretty well everything, has been on holiday over Christmas with his wife.

It was my first morning back in the office today and he told me all about it when I wandered in for coffee at 8am. A three week cruise in the Caribbean, complete with  a helicopter ride over Aruba and a submarine trip to the sea bed.

Yusef doesn't like heights. Or water.

Yes, he was still very cheerful. I like to think I'm pretty "glass-half-full" kind of chap, but I am merely a Second Division ray of sunshine in comparison to the Premier League Superstar of Chirpiness that is Yusef. I suspect he would be cheerful whilst being mugged at gunpoint.

And the best bit? The whole lot was paid for by his two twentysomething sons. Now it makes sense.

Boy Wonder, take note. If you're reading this and the year is now 2026, Mrs Adventures and I have our bags packed and are awaiting your call. Of course we are more than happy to pay for the taxi to the airport/spaceport/teleportation pod.



  1. Yes agreed, if my sons end up paying for helicopter rides in my dotage I know I have done a fabulous job.

  2. I am going to read this to The Boy this evening...I will only have to wait three, may be four years at most!

  3. Libby - Join the queue...maybe we could have them on a timeshare basis?

    ALW - I'll be happy if mine pays for the occasional sandwich.

    NB - I hope the conversation went the way you expected. Did you block all means of escape before you started talking?