Friday, 20 January 2012

This Week I Are Been Mostly Listenin' To.........

I like new music. I like things I haven't heard before.

The beautiful FMA and I often have conversations about the subject, she thinks I listen to the most horrendous rubbish, I like to think I have eclectic tastes.

Anyway, I heard a song on the radio when I was out in the car the other day - "Ray Charles" by Chiddy Bang. It was playing, the sun was shining and it put me in a great mood. What more could a chap ask for?

I listened to it on my iphone today - clearly this version is not the radio edit. It's a weird thing, I know what the swearwords are on the version that's broadcast friendly (the editing really does a laughably crap job of disguising the effing and jeffing), but at least they made the effort. Every time he swears on this version I wince.

Oh dear god. Seeing the benefits of a bit of censorship. 

Pass the Basildon Bond Marjory, I feel a stiffly-worded letter to his management team coming on.

Yours disgruntledly

Colonel Stanley Thrumpton-Smythe (retired).


  1. As Cy, seven, says: "nappropriate". Somehow, if its good music I'm okay with it. Bad mother.

  2. FMA is right, you have shit taste in music. Don't worry, I still love you

  3. I listened to this with the sound turned down. Seemed fine to me

  4. ALW - The Boy Wonder refuses to listen to anything but JLS, Power Rangers and the sound of his own voice at the minute. I don't mind any of it except JLS.

    AG - Well, that makes me happy.

    NB - I think that may be my favourite comment for some time.