Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Oh dear.

A little history for you, dear reader.

A while ago I bought a watch. It wasn't the most expensive one I have ever bought, but it wasn't the cheapest either. To be honest, I think the shop assistant did some kind of Jedi mind-trick on me, because I never really actually liked this particular watch very much but still it ended up in my possession. I tried to like it, truly I did. I wore it a few times but it always ended up back in the box, tucked away. Eventually I decided to let it go and advertised it for sale on a watch website. All good so far.

This is where the tale parts company from the rails a little.

I got a message from a guy who said he liked my watch*, but didn't have the cash to buy it. He did, however, have a cycle that he was prepared to swap for my unloved watch plus a bit of cash from me. It would seem that The Force was strong in this one too, as I'd been struggling to get back into running with any enthusiasm since last year's marathon, the swimming was OK but not really grabbing me and I'd been thinking about starting to get out on my trusty** mountain bike as the weather begins to improve to keep myself fit.

I googled the bike. It looked like a great deal. I thought I'd chance my arm and say that I was really after the cash, but if he'd do a straight swap then I'd go for that. Much to my surprise he agreed. Once I'd checked the frame number to make sure it wasn't stolen the deal was done. I was happy to a disproportionate degree and it was at this point that it dawned on me.

If I wasn't such a snob my ideal job would undoubtedly be Market Trader. I love wheeler-dealing.

Anyway, here's the new hardware:

I think it was a blinding deal, the beautiful FMA thinks I'm nuts. Will it become an integral part of my fitness regime over the coming months or will it end up back on the interwebz to be exchanged for something equally as random? Only time will tell.

But I am thinking about London to Paris now........


* - No, this is not a euphamism.
** - This is a euphamism, for elderly. And heavy.


  1. Are you going to be like the guy who started with a paper clip and kept trading until he was a millionaire...or something..?

  2. Sweet wheels - and great job on the bartering end of it, too.

    I was going to mention the paperclip guy as well (He ended up with a house in Saskatchewan) - but I'm pretty sure starting off with a watch means you end up conquering the known universe, so I'll just pledge my allegiance now instead.

  3. Well - whatever rocks your boat I guess..........do you wear all the lycra stuff too? and is there really a specialist watch site? Can you let me know....my baby is 21 soon and I was just looking on ebay for a classic ladies longines......and why were you and FMA looking at wedding hats? Nosy are'nt I??????

  4. Good exchange. I've never worn a watch but I've now planned a bike trip through France and find myself actually putting off buying the bike. i wonder what that means...