Thursday, 16 February 2012

Size Matters

This morning I was up pretty early. My alarm went of and I was out of bed faster than Ben Johnson coming out of the chemist*, which is quite unusual for me. Suffice to say I am not usually a morning person. A crowbar/flamethrower/rabid dog is usually required to encourage me out of a warm bed on a winter's morning.

Maybe it was the fact that the sun was shining and mother nature was trying on her first spring outfit of the year, maybe it was because I'm starting to feel a little more human again after several days of a cold I just couldn't shift, maybe it was that I knew I had to get The Boy Wonder back to his mum before going to work. Whatevever it was I love these days. I love the feeling of being ahead of the curve at the start of the day, I just wish I could do it more often.

The other benefit of my non-horizontal aspect this morning was that the lovely FMA got coffee and toast made for her and delivered to her in bed. This is one of her most favourite things in the whole world so she was a happy bunny indeed. We have quite different requirements from our coffee - see below:

Mine's the one on the right. It's probably a good thing that I'm not an insecure kinda guy. The Boy Wonder thinks it's hilarious.


* - Yes, I know this speaks volume about my age, but it's a turn of phrase I have loved for years. Just like "I have more chance of humping Madonna".


  1. Oh, where did you get that cute little mug?? I want one. I must have one.

  2. Ha, I've now realised that the photograph makes it look wonky [which appealed to me]...and... er... it's not wonky.
    This is the blog where I come to embarrass myself, isn't it?

  3. SB - I'll have to find out from FMA where the mug came from (it was a valentines day present), it goes from round at the bottom to square(ish) at the top, so I guess that might qualify as wonky....

    And as for coming here to embarrass yourself, feel free. It's what I've been doing here for over a year.

  4. Sweet baby cheesus.....I knew the FMA loved her coffee but that is BIG!
    P.S. over a year now is it (blogging I mean..)..gosh that seems to have gone quickly.

  5. I'm with the FMA on coffee mugs....size really does matter!