Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Communications Policy

So far today has been quite eventful.

Super (my number one, but no longer only, employee) told me that her dad comes into her bedroom every morning to wake the dog up. No this is not a euphemism, the dog sleeps in her room. In the bed. That's a whole other blog post right there.

Our new employee, who started with us on Monday, realised that the keyboard on the computer she uses didn't allow her to type a GBP symbol (£). Five minutes of googling provided the solution and the problem was fixed. It was at this point that Business Partner stated "Oh yeah, mines been like that since I got my PC too, I just copy and paste it from other documents." Business Partner has been doing this since 2008 (not Monday).

Later, I was chatting to Super about what I did last night. I told her that I had a fairly quiet night, the highlight of which was watching Paul (the new Simon Pegg film), in bed, with a cup of coffee and a biscuit. She gave me the most withering of looks and I wondered what the problem was. She did seem rather keen to terminate the conversation and get on with her work. I wondered if she was just not a film fan, or disapproved of eating in bed, or just very busy. Whatever, I left it at that and back to work we went.

I have since learnt that she misheard me and thought I was watching porn in bed with a coffee and a biscuit. I should really speak more clearly.



  1. It may NOT have been a euphemism, but I'm going to use it from now on...

  2. It's a winner, isn't it? If you say it with an arched eyebrow and a cheeky smile people could be encouraged to read all sorts of nefarious activities into that sentence.

  3. This proves my theory that men mumble ALL the time. You may find yourself taken to an industrial tribunal shortly accused of sexual harassment. Lol.

  4. Oh I am world class at mumbling and muttering too. It means I can backtrack later if needs be.