Friday, 24 August 2012


There is a lady who works in my office. I’d guess she is early twenties, has very fashionable ‘geeky’ glasses and is always very cheerful.

We were having a conversation today and she told me that she was “half vegetarian”. Before I I got the chance to find out how such an arrangement would work, my assistant (who is enormously good value) asked how she was getting on with Buddhism.

“Oh I’ve learnt it all and it’s a bit dull.”

I bet the Dalai Lama feels like an amateur now.



  1. No offence but she's wasted working for you need to be on the phone to Nasa, the United Nations, Angela Merkel et al......they could do with her.

  2. Oh hilarious! Unfortunately, this is the kind of person I would find hugely entertaining for a while but whom I would eventually wish to run at with a paper knife...

  3. Libby - She doesn't actually work for me, but she is good friends with my assistant.

    NB - We have a choice of several, they're ace.

    CQ - The fact that I don't have to manage her is enough.