Monday, 20 August 2012


To be played in approximately 11.5 years, on a large screen, preferably as the film's subject is making his way down his 4th pint of Scruttock's Old Nasty at the bar with his mates at his 18th birthday bash.....



  1. I'm assuming there's a fillum in the yawning black hole above? If so, I can't see it for some reason (could be that I'm not at home at the moment? Dunno). Also I don't seem to have had the usual notifications of your recent blog posts...all v stange but welcome back anyway - hope the ice wound healed and the Lego men lived to race another day.

  2. CQ - I think it's because you're at work. I hope you're able to see it now. All the blog posts were rattled out in quick succession, so maybe I took Blogger by surprise (it's the only way you know....). Also, the ISP I use at the minute at home is work related (not mine) and as such the smut-o-matic sweariness filters stop me from commenting on your posts, although I can still see them via Google Reader (up yours, The Man!)but I'm enjoying them very much. Hope NYC is good, tell The Shah I feel his pain.

    NB - Oh the cracks have already started to appear. Last weekend he told the beautiful FMA and I that he 'might drink wine'.