Friday, 5 October 2012


Last night I said goodbye to an old friend.

Sure, he was a bit of a rough diamond; involved in some very shady dealings and the occasional execution, but having got to know him pretty well I’ll miss him all the same.

Last night I watched the final episode of The Sopranos. The final series was shown on TV around 5 years ago and there is still a huge amount of debate raging on the internet about whether Tony got clipped* or not. Personally I think he’s now mixed into the concrete of a New Jersey freeway, but the ending, like the rest of the series, left a deal to the viewer.

To be honest, it’s probably a good thing it’s finished. I wouldn’t want overexposure to this kind of thing skewing my idea of morality.

Next up I shall be watching Breaking Bad. What could possibly go wrong?


* - I really must stop talking like this. People with think I’m some kinda cavone.


  1. I loved the theme tune to The Sopranos - never watched it [always meant to] but loved the theme.

  2. Doesn't he do the commercial for insurance now?

  3. We envy you. We watched the Sopranos when it was first on TV and then we worked our way through the Box set and now feel the need to start all over again...enough time has passed for us to want to revisit. Initially, along with everyone else, we thought WTF? at the end.....but then thought how wonderful it was....and I just don't stop believing now.....