Monday, 22 October 2012

Just Another Day At The Office.

I work, from time to time, with a very nice chap from Nigeria. He is quite a singular character and almost impossible to take offence at.


When he saw me driving my car in a somewhat 'enthusastic' manner on the way home a while ago, he said to me (in his brilliant Nigerian accent):


" I saw you driving home the other night Andy, you were driving like a crazy man. Your car suits you very much'.


As I said, you just can't take offence.


Today I was busy making myself a cup of coffee when my friend appeared. He was concerned about the cleanliness of the plum he was going to eat. So he washed it. With Fairy Liquid and a scouring pad.


As I walked back to my desk via the back stairs (where everyone goes to make their non-work-related phone calls) I walked past a chap who hires himself out to nightclubs dressed as a devil and chases people around with a plastic chainsaw in his spare time (he's a dwarf). He was on the phone and was telling the person on the end of the line that he needed a towel on the bar to save damaging it, and as long as there was more than 4 feet of headroom over the bar he'd be fine. The mind boggles.


Oh, and I did some work too.





  1. I think I work in entirely the wrong office...

  2. Clearly you only go to work for the comedy blog fodder, just think if you moved to the real Glasgow instead of plastic Glasgow how much weirder life could get...

  3. ps are you allowed to say dwarf? I'm sure there must be a course you could go on about being PC now you work for the man

  4. We have to say 'person of restricted growth' now.........just sayin'...........and you sound like you have way too much fun at work.

  5. NB - to be honest I'm quite happy that I'm not the weirdest person in the office these days.

    AG - apparently 'dwarf' is very acceptable. We have a department that advises on such things.

    Libby - you can never have too much fun!