Monday, 15 October 2012

Oeufully Amusing

Originally uploaded by geezer742uk
Saw this whilst conducting my weekly trudge around the supermarket tonight, which had me chuckling all the way to the irony supplements.

And, after having got all the stuff into the boot of the car I wandered off to put the trolley into the trolley park.

It was downhill and there were no cars about. There was a neat row of trolleys awaiting collection by a surly teenager at a later point. Twenty feet out I gave the trolley a good shove and stood watching as it described a graceful, wobbly wheeled arc and plopped neatly on to the rear of the stack.

I grinned to myself. A chap wandering back to his car nodded his approval of a job well done. His wife just looked disappointed.



  1. You clearly live a lawless part of the country...although I wonder if it's a bit of a yoke. As a bloke I am seriously impressed with your trolley skills

  2. Remind me old are you? x