Saturday, 10 November 2012

Grand Designs.

This afternoon I am looking at houses. One house in particular.

It has the potential to be a lovely first-and-last house for the beautiful IMA and I in a couple of years, but at this present moment, well. Let's just say it requires some attention.

There would be brick-dust and grout and plaster and muck all over the shop, I would be up to my eyes in stuff that I'd not done for a long long time, but if it comes off I think it would suit us very nicely thankyouverymuch.

We're still a way away from anything certain, but things feel like they're moving. It feels good.



  1. Go for know you want to..

  2. You do know I need details right? and if your heart said yes when you saw it then go for are a very accomplished 'doer upper'.

  3. You're gonna need those magic beans, you know that whatever you think it'll cost, you need to double it. I watch a lot of property porn telly...