Sunday, 25 November 2012

Shake Your Tailfeather.

Welcome to the whirling maelstrom of various barely-understood tasks and activities that is the approach to my wedding.

I think if Derren Brown truly wanted to convince someone that the end of the world had arrived, he should have just plonked them in a room for a few days with a bunch of women who had been hypnotised to believe they were getting hitched. There is so much stuff to do that even my astonishingly level-headed wife-to-be is starting to crack.

I should have been more vigilant. There were early warning signs that, with hindsight, should have started the alarm bells ringing that the strain was starting to tell. When wedding teatowels were considered and eventually discarded I thought the crazy talk was done.


Unfortunately the beautiful IMA has now decided that it is not only possible, but necessary for me to learn how to dance before the wedding in just 5 week’s time.

To say that I am a useless dancer is an understatement of mammoth proportions. I have all the grace and coordination of a drunk tramp, high on crack, riding a skateboard down a flight of steps. I would be more in time with the music if someone Tazered me. I am quite a self confident person on the whole and I am often to be found confusing my intentions with my abilities, but as far as strutting my funky stuff is concerned I am completely aware of my shortcomings.

At least we have Jump Around by House Of Pain on the playlist. Even I can manage that.....can't I?



  1. That was a consideration for my addition to the playlist choice....someone got there before me eh?
    Listen up, have a glass of fizz, and do whatever the lady won't regret it........and curiously we went to the pictures today to see Silver linings notebook, which is very very good and features a couple needing to dance...spooky or what?

  2. Gangham's the only dance to know this year...

  3. Play "Nice day for a white wedding" by Billy Idol - no fancy steps required, just a lot of pogo-ing...

  4. Libby - I know, it'll be fine on the day, I'm just managing expectations. House Of Pain was from the beautiful IMA and I.

    NB - It's also on the playlist. I have studied the moves.

    CQ - I can do the sneer, and my hair is getting whiter by the year. Does that count?