Monday, 21 March 2011


Well well well, first of all it's the census and now Auntie Gwen is getting all governmental and wanting to know stuff about her bloggy neighbours.

The main difference is that I know the lovely AG won't eventually sell my details to BigBusiness Inc., resulting in me being bombarded with 'Tailored Marketing' for stuff I don't want to buy. (although I suspect The White Company might get my details out of AG for the small consideration of soft furnishings. Every woman has her price).

Anyhoo, on to the nitty gritty;

3 names I go by:
Andy (most everyone calls me this), Andrew (my Sunday name, it still makes me nervous) and MFN. Don't ask.

3 places I've lived:
North Leicester, South Leicester and Cloud Cuckoo Land. Adventurous sort, aren't I?

3 Places I've worked:
I've worked in the UK, France and Germany (amongst others), although the non-UK places were all a few days at a time.

3 things I love to watch:
The start of Formula One races, Films that involve car chases and explosions (if the cars explode whilst being chased, so much the better) and drunk people.

3 places I have been and loved:
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, a small restaurant on the edge of Lake Vattern in Sweden and the Purist Route on Bristly Ridge.

3 people that email me regularly:
My business partner, a chap who apparently has a lot of money that he'd like to get out of (insert African country here) and will reward me handsomely for my bank details and a company in Russia that is very concerned about the girth of my penis (ahem).

3 things I love to eat:
Bosciola olives, freshly baked ciabbatta and a really good bacon sandwich (with tomato sauce, naturally)

3 things I am looking forward to:
April 17th (the London Marathon), April 18th (no more training for the London Marathon) and a much needed holiday somewhere sunny.

So that's it. You now know more about me than you did before. Is that a good thing? Well, you'll have to decide that.

And I'm quite restricted on the people to tag in this part (gimme a break, I'm new to this blogging malarkey!), so let's go with Laura, The Colonel (yeah, right!) and O.Bliss



  1. Aawh you played :) go you. And to be fair I would probably exchange my children for White Company goodies.

  2. Ooh look at you with your posh olives and bread!
    glad you added the bit about the bacon sandwich or I would have felt very council house!
    Although we have been to Barcelone we didn't go inside the Sagrada Familia...what did you love about it?
    ps..keep up the good work with regard to the run!!